let us make the system collapse - without our money

those who suffer are always the working people, where a connection between work and earning exists, the so called "real economy".
of course my posting and the "bankrun2010" is a provocation, which should lead to more thinking and will not work in the way described.

we live in 2 main "systems", the first is nature (which we are part of, the "real system"), that's why I am a naturalist. the second is the financial system. Those who think, we have a political or economic or other system, are wrong. the financial system controls all.

and we who work, we feed it. banks are controlling all politicians, all countries, while they are actually producing nothing. we lend them our money, but with a capital ratio of about 8% they are allowed to work with more than 90% virtual money. if they win with their speculations, we pay, if they loose with there speculations, we pay.

in all that times of "financial crises" (be aware of thinking "we have a crises", the real economy has no crises) all politicians are talking about "rescue packages" (don't know if the english word is correct), and on the other hand about the necessity of shorting welfare and education spending, billions and billions are available suddenly if we need to rescue banks, so that they can proceed their greedy specualtions. we pay it.
okay, politicians tell us, something went wrong, we must urgently economize our households. right. but nobody talks about who made it wrong, there is no responsibility ever.

it began long before the first "rescue package" of about 700 billions dollars under the criminal G.W.Bush for US banks. but this was the moment, when they lost all reserve to "buy" governments and to rob the state (us). do you know, how many former Goldman Sachs members were in Bush's cabinet? each of the rescue packages (for Greece, for Ireland....) are robberies. it's not for the rescue of "us", of the "countries", it's only for the rescue of the greedy, criminal financial system, the greedy banks.

one day I want to see all Ackermann's, all CEO's of analyst firms, of investment banks, and all politicians who support this system in jail. the system will collapse. there will be time for a new revolution. a revolution of rationality and naturalism, when enough people realize, that neither capitalism in this greedy form, nor religion(s) lead to a healthy, fair minded, peaceful coexistance on our beloved beautiful planet.