There is a very useful open-source application called FlickrSync ( with which you are able to synchronize folders on your local harddrive with the foto sets on your flickr account. It does an amazing job and is completely free!

I already asked the programmer (Pedro Geada) whether he thinks of adapting the program to work with Ipernity, too. He says that he does not intend to prepare FlickrSync to support Ipernity BUT as it is open-source software anybody who is a programmer could adapt it.

I do not know enough of programming to adapt FlickrSync to be something like IperSync. Otherwise I would do it immediately!

Lea d'ipernity ( says that Ipernity will soon propose a brand new API and "Programmers will be capable to develop (or adapt) any third-party applications. I'm sure this one (iperSync) will be one of the first!"

I hope she's right! Is there anybody out there who could do this and provide a tool like IperSync as adaptation of FlickrSync?

I would be very delighted!