Hello to all. - I miss you and your pictures... :D
I am here in Ras al Khaimah, UAE since alsmost a week now. It's not bad
and I am perfectly fine, but some things are still so unreal to me...
but that's hard to describe and will probably take a bit more time for
myself to realize what exactly that is... ;)

Actually most of the work for my thesis is being conducted in front of
the computer, so I stay in my apartment most of the time (which is okay,
because it's still very warm (YAY!) and humid (not so yay...) here). But
of course I want to get to know this place and so I often drive around,
try to find interesting places (mostly archeological sites, as the
shopping centre gets quite boring after a few days ;)...

Today I decided to make a short trip to Jazirat al-Hamra ("Red Island" -
but it's not an island anymore...).


Jazirat al-Hamra is said to be the last authentic and traditional town
still standing in the United Arab Emirates. I went there (it's not far
form here), because I thought I could get an impression of this
traditional architecture, as my own work down here is to reconstruct and
visualize the old town of Ras al Khaimah. When I finally found the
village (I saw the tower of the fort and somehow found a way to drive
there...!) it was the same as in Ras al Khaimah: A very run down place,
broken buildings, a lot of rubbish and not a very inviting place.
If Ras al Khaimah ever wants to attract tourists (and because they are
trying to copy Dubai, they actually want!) they really have to learn
about keeping those places and make them at least able to visit for
tourists without being scared!
Well... maybe my work can help to raise some consciousness for that...
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

(Btw: Ipernity really IS blocked down here. as well as skype... but as
you can see, I found a way.... but... *shhhhh*!)