In an effort to clean up my large carbon footprint, I have been hanging my wash to dry in the sun.  So far so good.  I get 10 points per load.
Today when I took my wash down, one clothespin got stuck in the clothesline.   It is really jammed in there.  I fought with it for twenty minutes.  It would not come apart the way pins do when you only look at them.  It held on for dear life.  My shoulder hurt so much from fighting with the clothespin,  I had to go Norwalk Hospital to have it looked at because it was  swelling up.  It is dislocated. The good thing is, it is not broken. That is -20 points for the drive to the hospital and back  and -2000points for all the Xrays.
The clothes pin is still up there.
My shoulder hurts so much that I cannot only take the pin down much less hang up any more laundry.  It will have to go in the electric dryer.That is -20 points.
So far, I am down shoulder hurts and two loads of wet laundry to deal with.
I have to call the handy man to deal with it.  He lives in Norwalk and his truck burns diesel.  That is another -200points.....but it is less than blowing the damned clothes line to kingdom come.  That has a radioactive carbon footprint.
No wonder the road to Hell is paved with good intentions...

PS: The shoulder is fine.  It needs a few trips to the physical therapist where they will make me raise my arms....-10points/per trip