Studio in Florida
Studio in Connecticut
Studio in France, years ago
Studio in New Mexico years ago,
Every place i go to is different. The landscape shows me different shapes. Rooftops, nature, animals, people even all have different angles, lines, clothes.....
Moving one studio from another is disruptive. Not only do the materials have to go into boxes and then come out, but my brain does as well. My eyes, my heart and my hand are all connected and when what I see is suddenly changed I don't know what to paint. I almost have to start from scratch. The inner conversation goes something like this:
OK you are here, now what? What are you going to paint? Start with drawing, look at your sketchbook.....Start on the project of A PAINTING A DAY......
After a day in the studio drawing still lives, self portraits, etc.... I move to outside with large canvases of abstract leaves with small people.....
We shall see what comes out.
Robert and I both brought back Robert E. Lee's revenge from the south. A bad flu. I will translate this tomorrow when I feel better
I look at these two sites f or inspiration of topics