Dear Fellow artists and friends of artists;(all of you women)
Have you ever wondered why there are so few women artists?  Madame Vigee-Lebrun comes to mind and so does Rosa Bonheur;  from "the good old days" I can't think of many.  In our time we have  more, but no giants.  I think I  know why.
My  friends, how was your day today?  Did you go there and only leave it to have lunch with your friends and then return to it to compose the great American painting?
Here is how my day went:
I washed four windows, did two loads of laundry, took a shower, brushed my teeth. 
I sent Jpegs of pictures of paintings to galleries,  measured paintings, ordered frames, faxed another frame order. 
Went to an AA lunch meeting during which I knitted seventeen rows of my grandbaby's Christmas blanket. 
Ran two errands.  By the time I got home on this pretty sunny winter day, it was 2 PM and I thought I had three hours to paint. 
Turned on Dvorak, ,joyfully mixed my paint, positioned my easel just right, found my favorite brush , mixing medium I started to paint . Oh joy, the paint was just the right consistency and flowing with creativity.  It was grand.  The great American painting was about to be born.  It was bliss.  The composition was perfect and I was whistling with old Antonym.

What?  What is this?  The color is not as right as it was fifteen minutes ago.  What is happening?  What is this dark shadow here, there, everywhere?  What is this odd gray creeping in the corners......I looked at my palette, the colors were no longer the same.....  Where was this pretty sunny day.  All of a sudden it was a milkish New England  sky.  Sun nowhere.  I HAD LOST THE LIGHT!  It was only three fifteen.  The painting day was over and I painted exactly a half of an hour...........
I turned on my new state-of-the-art daylight artist’s lighting and one half of the canvas turned the color of caca d’oie.
Thank heaven tomorrow is another day and I can paint then;  lets see, my grandbaby comes at 8 am , the floors need washing, there is a pile of ironing and the tree to trim., I have to go to the supermarket and there are presents to be bought..........

So how was your day today?