I'm not the first, nor the last to make the journey from Flickr to ipernity. From the looks of the place, I should have done this long ago. I like the built in blog feature. Everything else looks and feels like Flickr used to before they made the big layout change. I've managed to move a complete set and almost all of another. I have to kill my payments to Flickr Pro and set up my account here so I can finish the upload transition process since I've already filled my montly limit.

I'm not sure why Flickr chose to ignore their members. I only swapped because my Galaxy series relied heavily on the description as the narrative dialog, and the new format doesn't really display the description well anymore. It has been slow as well. My photostream would crash my firefox browser on occassion because it's just a mess. Sometimes my own photostream would have black boxes where my photos should have been.

For now I guess I'll just let others know that if they don't like the change, that ipernity is as good a home as any.