My mother knew that my father was in a commited relationship when I was created. That didn't concern her. What did was, that upon her arrival home, she found he wasn't committed to her and one other woman. There was a myriad of women who expected to pair with my donor. A boundless bevy of women all clamoring to be The One. It irked my mother in particular to know there was a woman with a young child who my donor seemed especially enamored with. He wanted nothing to do with me. He sloughed me off onto the kindness of strangers. Homes assigned himself to me and my mother. Thank goodness.

My father was a man who never realized any animal could screw. He wasn't special enough for me or my mother. I don't know if he ever got that. I understood he'd screwed up the greatest love of his lifetime.

My mother did the best she could to move on. She thought for a while about bringing a few of the women from the harem with her. Some of them had real talent. In the end she had to leave them behind. Deciding if they couldn't see for themselves how hopeless their situation was that they didn't deserve to be rescued.

We never did find out what happened to his wife. Only this picture remained.

In the old days there were mermaids in the outer galaxies. They migrated there after all the oceans on earth dried up.