The word friend is thrown around far too much for my liking, i mean, i hear peopl refering to someone that they just met online a few days ago, or they've only met in person a few times their friend when often enough they only remember their name because either it's scawled across a torn piece of paper with their number on it or it's on their profile. Or, they don't actually know their real name, but know their screen name. How can one honestly justify calling such a new aquaintance a friend?

But then, i suppose their is no good alternative. Aquaintance and stranger have such a bad ring them, and 'some guy/gal i met' or 'my friend's friend' makes one sound stupid and are just so cliche.

I suppose that's the problem with the ever-changing english language though. A few hundred years ago women were hansom, aweful was good, and an aquaintance was what one would now most likely call a friend.

It's a wonder that in the 80 or so years that one human lives that they can keep up with and keep track of the changes in language and makes one glad to be missing a voice box and able only to communicate with body language