Albums ...

I'm pleased to report that I now have eleven complete albums here on ipernity for you folks to hopefully enjoy. The two most recent ones showcase the York Historic Vehicle Group Rally in 2011 and the Yorkshire Classic Car Show in 2012.

As in previous bulletins, simply click on the album covers below to view the complete set of images now online.

Groups ...

I'm now administering 11 groups here on ipernity. The latest one of my own I've started is Kit, Component and Replica Cars, but I've also 'acquired' two other groups that were already in existence: American Classic Cars and Foreign Classics and Transport World.

Please click on the links to visit them if you've not already done so.

Other news ...

Despite the great progress I feel I'm making with regards my own photostream, I've been disappointed to see how many of the people that moved across from flickr following its revamp haven't stuck with the great alternative that is ipernity.

Even sadder has been the sight of people who have stuck with it until now deciding to leave ipernity, either to go back to flickr or to try other sites.

The main reason people give for the move isn't that they don't prefer the user experience here. No, they all agree that ipernity is easier to use, quicker to load and much more user friendly. They also find the customer service better and yet they're still leaving!

Why? Simply because they are disillusioned with the number of visitors they're getting here, that's all, they’re simply not seeing enough activity when compared to flickr.

Now putting to one side for a moment the question of how much faith you can put in flickr's statistics since its revamp, can't people see that this is like anything else in life, you get out of it what you put in and nothing comes easy.

You need to put yourself about a bit, comment on other people's photos, add people onto your contacts so others know you have shared interests, join any existing groups that cater for the areas of photography that interest you and if those groups don't exist then start them yourself, but just don't start them go promote them as much as you can.

The sad fact is that if people don't stick around and make the effort then things will only get worse here. More people leaving means less activity thus making others feel they might be better off leaving too and so the self-fulfilling cycle continues.

Apologies for getting up onto my soapbox, I don't want to offend anyone, but I just find it so disappointing that people are acting the way they are. Even more so because I don't really have the option of going back to flickr as since the revamp it just runs so slowly on my internet connection that it's effectively unusable. Therefore, I have to stick with ipernity and I have to hope others do the same.

So come on guys, hang in there. This is a great product and there are some great people using it already, but we need more to join and we need those that are here to stay with it. Otherwise, ipernity will inevitably become betamax to flickr's VHS and that would be so sad indeed.