Visits ...

Pleased to see I've now had over 3,000 visits since coming across to ipernity earlier this year! Thanks to everyone who has visited me so far - it really is appreciated.

Albums ...

Yet another two albums successfully completed, this time to showcase the photos I took at the Ripon Spring Classic and Ultimate Dubs both back in 2011. Simply click on the images below to check them out - that's if you've not already done so:

Other news ...

I must say I'm really pleased to see some more people joining the groups I've established especially the Old Cars Spotted Out & About group, which goes from strength to strength

The main purpose of that particular group is to highlight any old cars you may have seen out and about in the real world as opposed to at car shows, meetings or rallies - in otherwords an old car (defined as being from the 20th Century - that you've seen just being used for the sake of it.

Alternatively, it might be one you've spotted laid up, hopefully awaiting restoration.

Anyway that's it for the moment, except to wish you all the very best over the festive season.