Much as I've tried to like the new look Flickr, I'm afraid I can't.

For me it's far too messy, not at all intuitive and way too slow.

Now I'm sure in time I'd get used to the new buttons and how to do what used to come naturally, but it would still look a mess and still be slow.

So, having looked at the various options available I've decided ipernity is where I want to set up my new home.

It might take me a while to get everything sorted, but hopefully over the next couple of months I can get things the way I want them and get my all my photos moved across.

I'm what we Brits call a 'petrol head' and just love cars so expect to see lots of images taken at UK car shows along with what ever catches my eye on the streets.

I'm just an amateur struggling to get to grips with what his Nikon D90 can do, but I like to think I've got a 'good eye' so I'm hoping my photos will be well received.

If you know me from elsewhere then please say "hello" and add me onto your contacts. Equally, if you don't know me, but have similar interests then please also feel free to add me.

Bye for now!