.... just when i reach my last 100 days in this project some new members join the group! And this makes me so happy to see.   Scratchy and I have been the only ones left here at ipernity (there are some more at vimeo) who are still active with their daily one-minute videos.

365minutes was started by David in October 2007 as some sort of animated self-portrait. One minute each day about yourself, your life for one year. Unfortunately David left after a few weeks. Nancy joined and we became video-buddies :) which used to be a lot of fun. She managed to add 52 cool videos to the project-group. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere Scratchy joined and surprised me. He still does with his urban-style, sometimes weird but interesting vids. Check them out! Oh and even Christophe from Ipernity shared some funny videos with us in the group ... And now ... we have Armin (StarScream) and Kemikatze who joined the project. You two - Have fun and enjoy it! :) Share your thoughts and creativity with us and let's enjoy it together :D

BIG UP to the new members!


And time to say thanks to all those i mentioned and all those true visitors that take their time to watch my silly, boring, crazy-ass videos. I guess by now you know what this project means to me. 365days has been hard (1 self-portrait each day for a year) but this is the next level. You can learn so much in these projects.... and i did, with you! Thank you all....