First of all, here's the official help page for Ipernity-Feeds:

And here are some examples of feeds for your inspiration and better understanding, what you can do with it. Just replace the values with the ones you need. Ask me if you have questions or feel free to add your examples in the comments.


you can combine alot of these parameters and get new results. Funky isn't it? ;-)

You don't know what to do with these feeds?

Well, it's a nice way to keep up with the loads of new pictures and data uploaded at ipernity.
All you need is a Feedreader. I use Google-Reader online, but there are lots of Readers around.
Here's an old screencast i made for Brief, a Firefox extension for reading feeds. And here's an old general little howto about feeds. Of course you can use these readers not only for ipernity feeds but ALL your feed-subscriptions.


Here i am... :)