One thing i am still missing so much at ipernity is sharing albums (or any kind of content) with non-members without making them public to everyone. Flickr calls this "guest pass" and you can setup a secret link. Other sites use a password protection. I think it would be great to have it here with mutliple selections possible.

Every now and then i have a bunch of pictures from a party or some event i want to share with my friends that are not so webaddicted or do not have accounts everywere but still want to have or see the pictures or movies. On the other hand i probably don't want to show these pictures to the world or my friends don't want me to show their pictures, you know?

Well, usually my friends send around emails with big attachments but i think that sucks. It's cooler to see thumbnails and have comments and all that, instead of just downloading a package and have it on your local drive.

Actually i love having all pictures here but since this is missing i tested some other ways and services. Here goes....

  1. Of course you can zip the pictures and use one of these free sharing services
  2. flickr with guest pass
  3. google picasa web albums (1GB max space)
  4. photobucket (ugly, but there is a nice slideshow, 1GB space)
  5. (they have a picture preview also)
  6. mediafire (picture preview here as well, but you have to upload single files)
  7. jalbum (i really don't like how it looks)
  8. (picture preview, blog, comments... but only 100MB per drop-area)

I really love for several reasons. It has a very plain and simple yet professional design, is fast and easy. I think it allows comments as well.

It would be a dream if sorting albums, adding sub-albums or collections and this feature would be added to ipernity, don't you think? (yes, i know it's in the official wishlist already)