I am receiving a lot of mails lately saying people quit my groups, or the ones i moderate and administrate. I always take things too personally (btw is it personal or personally?) and i was asking

"why do they quit my groups? Disinterest, mad at me?"

I hope it's some kind of cleaning up and organizing, throwing out groups that are not in the focus. I  think i will do so as well. I have a lot of groups i never visit because of a lack of time and because my group-page is so long. Maybe there is a lack of usability or group-managent here, i don't know but I could never  take a look at ALL those groups daily or weekly although i am interested in all of them. I am already having problems following everything my friends and contacts post here.

So in advance, to all those who will receive a "Sascha has quit your group"-mail, DO NOT take it personal(ly). I might join again later...