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I made a blogpost some days ago and want to share this with you. It's a list of filesharing tools and online-services with which you can upload and share big files (even over 100MB). This is pretty useful if you do not want (or cannot) send big files via email. Some of them don't even need a registration, so they work "anonymous".

See my german article for details.

Without registration:

  • senduit (100MB/file, anonymous, timed delete, simple)
  • (100MB/file, storage-folder, anonymous, password protection, timed delete, several files in one place)
  • (100MB/file, 200MB storage, like
  • Mediafire (100MB/file, anonymous)
  • lite (10MB/file, need email adress)
  • Megaupload (500mb/file)

With registration:

  • (10MB/file, 1GIG storage space, filemanagement)
  • Mediafire (100MB/file, unlimited storage space, filemanagement)
  • divshare (200MB/file, 5Gb storage)

Tools (need installation)

more: ipernity (of course), eatlime, pownce, dropboks, miHD, ...

mail2mail services are not listed (those where you need to enter the senders and recipients email adresses)