I know there are quite a few wishlists around here already. The official ipernity wishlist is over here. And an unofficial group here.

But i want to list mine:

1. some RSS feeds that would help me stay tuned

- "what's new in all your groups?" (posts, videos, audio, pictures, altogether)
- "what's new in all your group discussions?" (threads only)
i just cannot handle all the yellow "new" icons in all the groups i belong to, and i guess i miss a lot of important and interesting things. scrolling through feeds would help a lot.
- "new uploads by all your contact/friends/family" via feed, "new" by date they were published /set public not upload date. sometimes people seem to set public OLD pictures and this way i will just notice them by coincidence. cause they will not appear among the "latest".

2. Sort album order
i have so many unimportant albums i want to place at the end.

3. Group albums in flickrlike collections or categories. Subalbums maybe

4. password protect (and hide) albums: like guest pass for non-members (show party pictures to a few people that have been at the party but do not want to register here)

5. doc manager makeover. search for tags within doc manager i.e., ...

99. A picture size with 500 pixels width for blogging :) Most blogs allow pictures with a width of 500 px only.