Some hints and links, since it is not easy to follow all the new posts and data here, especially since the groups have launched.

1. I have my Camino and Firefox set up with a shortcut, so that tying "ip" in the address field directly opens my Ipernity bookmark, which is not the homepage but "recent activity" * in my case. You can find that link also in the menu "my space" > "recent activity" or on your own homepage when you click "Activity" (in the upper middle)
This shows recent comments in your stream "in brief" and when you scroll down a summery of the following. I suggest visiting the pages seperately to have a better overview.

2. It is very useful to check "replies to your comments" there as well. *, showing answers to your comments also in other people's streams (as long as they use the reply-feature and not answer by just adding another comment)

3. Don't forget to check "Favorites" on that page. Some people prefer to add faves by clicking the little star icon but not leave a comment. You wouldn't know if you did not check this page: *

4. Network, Friends' and Family's newest posts
Very important! Since a lot of people add hundreds of pictures in a batch, i prefer the thumbnail view here:|R0E%3Boff%3D0?r[view]=2
Sometimes i check the Family & Friends tab first to make sure i don't miss the things of the closest contacts. I tend to miss "Blogposts" a lot cause you have to remember to click on "Posts" to check them.


5. Follow actions in groups is hard at the moment i think
First when you click "groups" in the menu, you see little yellow "NEW" icons indicating that some new pictures have been added or some new discussion has been started. It's useful to check this link as well "Recent Activity" in the submenu on that page.


6. RSS Feeds
Generally, subscribing to RSS-Feeds in your favorite Newsreader is a good way to stay informed as soon as something new is being published. Unfortunately some Feeds are missing here at Ipernity. An overall RSS-Feed for all your groups for example or for your whole network, that includes ALL published pictures, threads, comments, news, posts from all your groups and/or all your network contacts. Or seperate feeds for each of those. This would help me a lot to not oversee something and save about 50% of my daytime :) But there are feeds your users posts and pictures etc, and even for a certain tag like "barcamp" so you get informed when whoever(!) posts something tagged with "barcamp".


Do you have other ways to keep up with the masses of nice stuff around here? Did i forget something?


* You must change "assbach" to your username so that it works for you.