when the group feature is launched here i am planning to create or join these if they are already there:

- Funny me  aka "Shtoopidity" ( funny self-portraits, or portraits showing yourself to make us all laugh a lil more! )
- Worldwide food and drinks ( i found it very interesting to see international food pictures and recipes and all that when i started this group at flickr )
- Ipernity NRW or RSK or Troisdorf or Sieglar ( local based Ipernity members / pictures from our hometown / area / district )
- Ipernity Germany / Cologne...
- pl0gbar.de
- Depression / Bilpolar ( for therapy reasons, expressive sharing, forums, thoughts, the deeper things, get together of those who feel alike and are looking for help, for those that feel alone with themselves, for the lost souls, to manage pain and sorrow, came to know that it helps a lot of people that are not able to express lie others, or to encourage others to start make pictures and share thoughts, dreams, hopes, love  no need to post, you can just look and see or read along if you like)
- Clouds ( i love clouds )
- Flower Macros ( i love flowers and macros, guess there will be thousands of groups like that :) )
- Kids ( must be careful with this because of sick minded weirdos, probably invite only )
- Emo / Metal ( some music related stuff )
- Web2.0 news ( screenshots , links and all the geeky stuff )
- Self-Portrait addiction / Expressive Self-Portraits / creative / of a different kind  ;) or something like that
- lyrics
- zeitgeisty
( creative commons support )
- ecards
- barcamps
( germany, all, cologne, we'll see )
- german son with an american mother :) just kidding.
- ...

do YOU have plans , wishes, want to help me administrate these groups?
any suggestions? want to join? want ME to join yours? Hope i  see you around there somewhere.