Well sort of, did you know you can test the beta 2.0 for 30 days? Well I've had a play with it and I must say I like the useability. But as I mentioned on Flickr when I posted this, I'm not sure I can justify the £200  it will cost against the amount of real use I am going to get out of it. If it was my career or a move towards that level of product with home printing I think I would. I certainly would jettison a lot of the work I do in photoshop in 8 bit in favour of 16bit. But mostly no-on would notice at A4 size. When I do require a little more 16 bit control I can use the Canon DP which is fine and gives me more options than the Raw converter plugin with photoshop elements.


Incidently Monaxle swears by it and I guess uses it as his first stage work through