As you will know, I have a copy of HDRShop. What I can't get anyone to give me is any pointers on what to do when.......

So it looks like I will just have to do it myself and leave hints for future generations later. I started with a raw file which I converted in to seven JPG files in 1 stop steps from


I have a camera specific gamma correction curve which I used because I don't want to go second guessing this stage yet.


So on to tonemapping - using the plugin defaults you get a very grainy "over-exposed" image with lots of colour noise. I took this to mean the luminesence was too high for the software to cope. So I adjusted the key value lower until I reached a satisfactory level (0.01). I also lowered the integer on sharpening to 4 to reduce some of the noise.

So there we have it key controls overall brightness (exposure) of the final tonemapped image (low darken - hi brighten) and Phi controls the sharpness (low integer no sharpening).