We were on the beach a Seaton a quick visit to get the kids out of the house, ride the tram and then home. The sun was glorious and the skies were filled with that light white cloud that make for the best summer skies. The kids were throwing one of the many stones from the beach back into the sea, when I heard a woman further up the beach say "These stones are murder on my feet". Seems strange that it should have stuck but there we go I looked over in her direction as she picked her way gingerly to the esplanade. Above and behind the hotels was a bank of dark cloud, ominous and dark, brooding and very noir. Body on the beach I thought with a title to boot. Oh what a fortunate day - I don't often get the whole package in one instant.

Soooo if you are looking for a book cover for a seaside murder/thriller please keep me in mind.