I read in photography monthly about a free (for non-commercial) HDR program www.debevec.org/HDRShop. I thought I would give it a go. So this is the first play - no reading the manual how easy is it to produce a decent rendition. Took about 5 minutes - mostly because I sidetracked myself looking at the RAW importer section and I had to work out that I had no way of adjusting the 32bit HDR version. This is the LDR version JPG tweaked for levels which I felt were a bit dark in the mid and hitones, but nothing else (I also forgot to sharpen the Canon fuzziness but I'm more concerned about how it looks).

I don't think it is bad, if I was hitting it for real I think I would work on those areas of light on the road and warm up the scene a little to get something similar to my original manual version.