I decided to revist using Flock as a browser at the beginning of this week. I must say I am impressed with the interface's development. It is far better than when I tried it out in the beta development tests. Partly, because of the interactive partners onboard (Team Ipernity please note Flock does not work with this site), but mostly because they have cleaned up some of the annoying parts of the interface.


Design wise I would still say it is not an ideal browser there is not enough room at the top for quick links mostly because all the side/media bar tool icons sit in the same row. Also with a side bar and top bar showing you social media streams your browser window becomes quite small and you end up having to do an awful lot of scrolling. It would be better if there was some resize functon that zoomed out/in to ease your navigation when in this mode.


Speed wise it is not appear to be as fast to load pages as Safari or FIrefox, but start up time is respectably comparable. True you can get scripts in firefox that emulate some of the functions, but none will carry all the feeds in a single compact function (as yet). On the whole it is saving me light years of social web browsing. The only page I have to visit to view contacts content is actually here and I really wouldn't mind browsing quicker here either.