So today I have my second Christmas. I have been saving for sometime towards a new prime lens for my camera and through some fortune seem to have saved twice as much as I needed. This along with some very kind gifts over Christmas has meant I could also buy a tablet and CCD cleaner. All of which arrived in the post today! I had an initial panic because I thought this nice new 50mm lens wasn't going to work with the camera - until I realised I hadn't completed the full rotation so there was a reason for the autofocus to be duff. The lens also caused no end of anxious nights, trying to reason through what I wanted in the lens. Really I wanted something that was a traditional 50mm lens as the standard lens on my camera. The idea being it forces me to get close to what I am interested in, and the optics are better so crisper brighter photographs. I also wanted a wide aperture f1.2 would be nice, because then I could use it in low light conditions. Trouble is 50mm on a Canon 20D is about 32mm so a 50mm acts more like a 75mm prime. When you start balancing this you then think that having a macro version and sacrificing some of the aperture isn't so bad, (32mm being expensive and rare). But then you look at Canon's lens and realise it isn't a true macro lens, but thankfully Sigma's is and also cheaper so you think that's it then. Except then you lie awake at night second guessing your decision, until you buy it. At which point I found sleep more appealing. Anyway got to go now and play with my toys!