I believe in life interpreted from one thing to another more than simple vibration
dissatisfied desire
halo not from saint charisma but sound light colour mystery.

I believe and currently I want the great ball of needs with an eccentric smile as an axis.

I believe and I want to feel that is enough my confidence on your morphology attentive part of me when the paradox is that you see in the mirror conscience of your adult and independent body in beauty and all cause you have millennial culture and intelligence
despite being my satellite of same mass energy and movement.

I believe and I want to feel my narcissism pressed on you for afterword declaring indifference to have to be from this or else-wise.

I believe or I want to believe that my face of long and prominent bones is able to split mad winds into pieces of mental sanity
pertinent way for uncertainty coexistence
when convictions die.

(to see / read the Portuguese original version click on the picure)

In "Manual do Desperdício", Ceres Editora, 1994