It has been a wierd rain or snow to speak of. Christmas came and went and here we are heading into April and my Christmas Tree is still up. Yes I know, I know...I have been very ill the last two months with some virus I just couldn't shake. Horrible non-stop coughing, drove me nuts, sleep deprived, I am just getting around to taking down the tree...last weekend the ornaments came off, this weekend the lights and the tree will finally come down. Adue for a few more months until we do this all over again. At 60, I am coming to the understanding why my mother put up a very small tree some years.

At any rate, I did get a few things accomplished. I started and finished the Mystery quilt shown above. Loved it so much I decided to do it in another colorway. I like them both, this one will be fun to have out for Easter.

I have embarked on a new mystery quilt and I'm sure that will keep me busy for a bit, along with a couple more baby quilts that I want to make. One for a little Native American girl who was born recently with a hole in her heart....she is fighting a battle having just undergone surgery to repair the defect. Her name in her native language means of course her quilt will feature turtles, in a different way than what you might think...stay tuned.

We are wrapping up our Pot Holder Swap in the Mug Rug Group and I may take a few months off to get my bearings and catch up on some projects. Perhaps someone else would like to take up the torch and chair the swap for a few months. Let me know! Okay, I am off to bed to get some much needed rest.