Thanks to all who expressed their concern for my husband. I am pleased to report that so far this surgery has been successful in restoring site to his right eye. He still cannot drive until he gets fitted for glasses which will be another 5 weeks, but no complaints here. Just so happy that he still has site in one eye!!! It's a pretty overwhelming prospect to contemplate how your life will change without vision. Hard to believe this all started Memorial Day weekend and here we are moving toward Labor Day! That is a long time for a man to be stuck in the house with no vision while his wife is off to work everyday. He has been desperate for company and I am fortunate that folks from our church have made it a point to stop and visit him at least once a week. I have felt a little out of kilter with my sewing, no ambition lately. I think it's just the overwhelm of what we have been through and stressors at work with staff changes this month. It will all pass. Grateful to have my health and still be moving forward.