Not anymore.

The love affair is over :
Team iPernity: We Do Not Have Good News - 1 DEC 2016
. Since Flickr dramatically revamped their website (unbeknownst and without warning to their users), many disgruntled members wrote of their dismay (close to 30,000 replies and counting!) in the FLICKR Help Forum, some calling for a reversal, or at least a choice (more control) over how one's Flickr homepage should look.

And what do we have now? An endless jumble of visual cacophony. Anonymous images, their descriptions, visitor comments, and other statistics hidden - the stepping stones to connect with anyone and everyone - masked under a gawdy mosaic.
Not only were users not given the choice whether to upgade to the new look or keep the original (classic) design, but gone is the ability to pick and choose your layout. Also, without providing any kind of comparison between the old and new layout, Flickr sneakily neglected to mention they had done away with the "unlimited" space for PRO accounts (previously 24.99$ per year) and will now charge 49.99$; double what you've paid in the past, just for the privledge of going "ad free."

There are so many things that have gone wrong with Flickr's redesign (who decided that words, descriptions, and stories on photos were no longer important?), and so much backlash as a result, that it would be redundant to repost it some of it here. Suffice to say, the following articles sum up the whole flickr fiasco rather well:

Yahoo offers Flickr revamp with 1TB of 'free storage'
Flickr Update Sparks User Backlash as Thousands Complain
The New Flickr Sucks and Here’s Why
The new Flickr: Goodbye customers, hello ads
Why The New Flickr Still Falls Short (focus on your customer!)

And there's even a petition to rollback Flickr to what it was (close to 4,000 signatures): .

So what's a Flickr refugee to do?

Well, the fact that you're here is a start. Below is a list of ipernity links that I compiled to help the flickr diaspora settle in their new digs. You may want to begin by reading this first; then...

Download Your Flickr Photos to your Computer (using Bulkr)

- OR - Import Your Flickr Photos To Ipernity

Ipernity Uploader (tool to upload large volumes of photos)

Ipernity Groups For Flickr Refugees: (there are several, but these two seem to have the most activity/members):
New Flickr Survivors (over 1200+ members)
(previously "Emigrants from Flickr'') From (t)here to ipernity (500+plus members)

Flickr photo, courtesy of decillkimo, on Flickr