Went to Dave's to try his new game. Agricola. Took Matthew with me. Andrew, Josh and Ryan are planning to winter camp tonight. Brad was there. Brad, Keira, Dave & I played. Donna and Lynn went to Pt.Huron to shop.
Dave made turkey supper, which was good. After supper, Matthew and I went to see the Hobbit. The Hobbit in 3D!
When we came out, it had snowed a fair bit. Had to clean off the car, and the roads were bad getting home. Think I didn't get over 50kmph!

Max Temp: -1.6 °C

Min Temp: -11.1 °C

Mean Temp: -6.3 °C

Precip Accumulation: 3.9 mm

It must have been the drifting that made it seem a lot more than that!