Cable guys was coming sometime between 8:30am and 5:00pm today. Last wednesday, he came but didn't phone before he came, so no one was here. They only come to Alvinston once a week, though the guy who came today said they come into town twice a week!
Appointment at work with a guy who is building his house in Puslinch. He's Indian and can't understand his accent. Not looking forward to this meeting at 9:00am
He actually got in about 9:30am and brought his wife (you had an English accent) and their son who I'd guess in Andrew's age who had no accent.
Found out that his wife was born in England and he moved to England where they got married (assumed met as well). She said something about the twins being born in England, assuming the son was one of the twins, and moved to Canada in 86 I think she said. So he'd be a little bit older than Andrew then.
Cable guy phoned about 2:45 and said he was heading to our place in about 15 minutes. Left work and got home at 3pm. They came and changed the modem. We had been having good connectivity, but hey looked at the modem and said it was an old one and automatically when to the van to get a new one. They put in new connectors from the cable to the house, and a new connector from the cable to the main feeded box on the hydro pole. Things seem to be working better now. Though this week all the kids had been back to school and it worked better. Not sure if this was a coincidence or not. I asked about fiber optic and he said in about 6 years!
Had supper and back to work around 5pm. Worked until about 7 to 7:15 when the storm came through and took out the hydro. Wicked lightning. Waited a bit to see if the power would come back on, which it didn't, so went home.
Stopped at the wind turbines to see if they would get hit with lightning, which i didn't see happen.
It was getting dark, and past Pam Bobkin's house on 79 there was a tree that had blown down across the highway, completely blocking it!
Had to turn around and drive around. Went down walnut.
No power at home. Sat ourside on the covered porch att he front of the house and watched the lightning. Matthew and Tara had lit candles.
Dont thenk the power came back on til around 4 in the morning. Not sure when