Josh was asked to help with tires at the large item garbage day in Alvinston. Minor ball helps with the tire collection, and the money goes to the new lights at the ball diamond. Josh was there with Ryan, Tanner and Corey. They helped from 7:30 to 10:30 in the morning. Tara and I got the red couch (that the MacKinley's gave us) on the trailer, and took it out to the old township salt storage/municipal buildings for large item drop off. We also sent out her old coffee table (glass top) and old cans of paint. They took the paint.
It was a cold morning. When I went to pick up Josh, dropped off an old flat screen monitor to Greg Biltcliff. He is attempting to fix them up, and sell them. Any money he makes, he is going to donate to cancer.
Tara took Matthew over to Riley's for his birthday party.
Andrew also had to be out of the house early this morning. He needed to be at the church at 7:30 to get taken to Chatham for a canoe certification course. Julianne Breen, Angela Ikert, Carissa Smith and Kyle Chalupka were going as well. Kyle drove today.

Phil phoned and said that he hurt his hands, and isn't able to come today for hockey.

Gary still came though, and brought his boy Riley. Dave came with Michael. Ryan was there, along with Me, Josh and Matthew. We had 8 people, which was a few off the 12 or so I wanted. Jim was doing his taxes, and Dale, Tracey and Jared were coming around 5:30 or so.
We played till just after 5:30 and came back to the house. Gary and Riley went home, but left some stuff that Phil sent along. Dale and Tracy arrived as we were starting cooking and Nate come instead of Jared. Dave and Michael came back as well. Tara made a frozen pizza and home made chili and crock pot lasagna. We also cooked some hamburgers, and she made a salad.
After wards we played a few hands of Dutch Blitz, and then Michael and Matthew joined Dave, Dale and I, playing King of Tokyo.
Afterwards everyone went home.