Last day of volleyball at Brooke. After work I went to the grocery store and got some treats for the after volleyball party at Andy's. I got some cinnamon buns, mixed nuts and a bag of peanut M&M's. Of course the M&M's didn't make it home before they got opened. Since the kid's weren't going, I shared some of the M&M's with them.
Andrew said he would like to go, and Andy said it would be ok, but Andrew didn't come home from youth group by the time I had left. Tara said she'd bring him over when he got home. We had 13 people (Andy, Danika, Mike, Crystal & Jason, and their friend, Lindsay and her friends (Jen, the other girl, and Jen's brother), Katie, Randy, and me. Jen's brother's name is Derek, and he is home for a couple days from Alberta. We had some good games. Tara never did bring Andrew over.
After volleyball, went home and changed and got the snacks. Tara wasn't feeling the best so, she decided to stay home. Andrew was working on homework, so I'm assuming he had more homework to do than he originally thought. I never did ask him what happened at youth group.
Went over to Andys. The rain had stopped, but there was some pretty wicked lightning. During volleyball, we could hear the occasional torrent outside. During the night, it did rain some more. The lightning didn't stop.
At Andy's was: Andy and Stephanie, Katie, Danica, Randy, Mike and I. Andy had gotten pizza's. He got two pizza's, and I think he will have enough left overs for a meal or two for work!
When I went home, it had started raining again.
At home, I got my Wildcatt's team ready for the upcoming season, and chatted with Chad online.