Got the kids ready for school and them outside feeding the rabbits before I left, and was able to get into work by 9. Forgot my punch card again today.
For lunch had the mixed salad, bun, two pepperettes, and two baby bell cheeses. Had a coke for a drink. Later on in the day, something definitely wasn't agreeing with my tummy. When I went home, I took the mixed salad with me, and gave it to the rabbits. It had the odd spot where the salad was wet, and was spoiling (turning brown). I don't know if it was the cause of it or not. A previous package I had, had no bad salads at all.
Had to convince Josh to go to volleyball this evening, and glad I did, there was only 7 of us in total. Kate & Krissy, George, Matt, Cindy, and Josh & I. Despite the lack of people, it was still a fun night. Josh and I played on the same team.
It is the last night for the season :(
When we got home, they had set up the TV in the Living Room so that we can watch Netflix now.