Andrew, Shelby, Julianne and Jordan Chalupka are going into Sarnia for their driver's ed classes this morning. It is our turn to take them in. Laura is picking them up in the afternoon.
Since I will be in Sarnia, decided to pop over to Port Huron and get some gas and few groceries.
The van had the gas warning light on, and the gas station was closed this early in the morning. Picking Shelby up at 7:45, we had to take the car. The kids needed to be in Sarnia at 9, and got there a few minutes before 9.
After dropping off the kids, I realized that I forgot my passport at home. I went to McDonalds, and fortunately, I had my tablet, I messaged Tara using their free WiFi, and got my passport number.
At the bridge, the US custom's guy said the number didn't work. I also didn't have my birth certificute, but had my driver's license and health card. He was nice and let me in.
Got groceries, and went to get gas at the Kroger gas mart. I thought I was going to get free gas, but I guess you get 10 cents a gallon off. Better than nothing I guess.
Also found out where the train station is, as we are thinking about taking a trip later on in the year on the train.
The Canadian custom's guy said the number did help, and gave him the number.
Decided to pick up KFC on the way home for lunch. Got home and Tara and kids were gone. Tara was getting the paint shaken at the hardware store, and Wilson phoned and wanted Josh to stop by for the afternoon. Josh and Matthew ended up staying at Wilson's house for the afternoon. They dropped Josh and Matthew off at home. They were shooting bb guns and the 22 rifle. Matthew was pretty excited about being able to do that!
I was painting the trim in the Living Room, and Tara was painting the wall.