Got the kids ready this morning for school. Raining this morning, at times heavy. We were a bit slow, and they were getting their coats on to go out and feed the rabbits when the bus went by. Told them I'd drive them, so not to rush and catch their bus. Now they had time to feed their rabbits (the black bunny is still around).
Went up to the post office to get the mail. A lot of mail to be picked up! Also had a notice for a large item to be picked up. Went to the other side to the town offices and picked it up. It was a 4" square box from Revel. It is the canopy for Andrew's plane. He had lost it. Also, the gas light was on, so had to stop and get gas. Saw Joe Debuek (Homer) and said hi to him. Got to the school as the last bus drove off. The kids quickly went to their classes, and we didn't have to give them a late slip!
Went for lunch today at McDonalds. On the way back it got really dark, and poured hard for a few minutes. A lot of rain today and yesterday. There was a heavy rain warning for the area.
Stayed late, until 6:15 today. Got home, and gave Andrew his canopy. There was a bill for $8 (7 somthing) for shipping. He started taping it to paint it.
Andy said we're going to be short for volleyball, and Andrew was interested in going, so we both went to volleyball. Andy wasn't there, he was at a ball meeting. Dawn opened up the gym. We had 11 people counting Andrew. Danica wasn't there. Both her and Stephanie are doing a personal trainer in the evenings, and Wednesday is the or one of the nights they do that. Stephanie has lost a lot of weight, so I guess it is working.
Got home, a little early, and we moved basically the living room to the Dining Room, and the Living Room to the Dining Room. One nice thing will be that the Dining Room will be under the light, so the table can be used for games.The downside, is that the cable will not be hooked up to the TV in the Living Room now. We brought the TV from our room down to the computer room, and cable will be hooked up there.