Slept in a bit. Just Matthew home this morning. Andrew is in Hespler, while Josh slept over at Ryan's.
Josh came home when Ryan and Laura went to choir. Josh got ready and went with us to church. Today is Palm Sunday.
After church, updated the website, chatted with Brian for a bit and came home. Couldn't my wallet, but realized that I left it in the car. Left a little late, and got to Phil's at 12:45, not 12:15
We left and picked up Gary in Ingersoll. We stopped at A&W and got some lunch. Phil bought which was nice, but he also drove. Felt like he was doing too much, but he seems to like to drive. We got to Andrew's just about 1 minute before Jeff showed up. Jeff's friend Bill, was already there. Once we were inside for a couple of minutes, Dale phoned and wondered where Andrew's house was. He was in the subdivision on the other side of town looking for Andrew's house. They showed up shortly after that. Basically we all got there at the same time, or within a 5 to 10 minute spread. Pretty good for all being up to 2+ hours away. Dale brought Darren.
We had a good time. Met Jeff's friend Bill, from Markdale.
We left around 9ish I think, and I got home around 11:30 or so.