Tara had to work this morning.
Josh did his papers
Went to Port Huron with Tara and Matthew. Going to see the Veggie Tales at the McMorron Center. We had to get the tickets at the arena, so we got their about quarter after 3. They still had tickets. We got three tickets, seats 1, 2, and 3 in row M.
Before we left home, looked up hobby stores in Port Huron. Found Cool City Games about 4 blocks from the theater. After we got our tickets, we drove a little around and then went to the game store. We parked behind the store. There was also a model store and a comic book store. Decided to check out those stores. The model store didn't have much at all in, and no heat it seemed. Then to the comic book store. It didn't seem to have much heat either. All the comic books where in plastic sleeves, so you couldn't read any of them, it seemed only collecting them.
Then we went to the gaming store. It was heated, and they had games going on in the back. I think most of the games where Magic. In the store they had a selection of Dominion games and expansions. Also had some other games. A cool looking version of Risk. They had lots of Warhammer stuff. Went to buy a Dominion expansion, but tried to use my Libro card, but it wouldn't work, so I had to put it back.
Then we went to Walmart to get some jeans for Matthew, all his jeans have rips in them. Tara got him two pairs. We were all hungry, so we went to McDonalds and got the 20 pack of mcnuggets, and you could add two drinks and medium fries for just over $10.
After we finished eating we went to the theater. Tara got Matthew a stuffed Bob the Tomato toy and a glow bracelet. I got a large popcorn and later Tara got a drink for Matthew. Tara was talking to the women at the Power88 and 90.7 station. She also entered Matthew in a draw for a prize. It was to be announced after the intermission. Matthew's name was drawn!
The prize was a Veggie Tales birthday kit, which was cool as the theme for the show was Larry and Bob's birthday.
The show was pretty good. They had people in big suites of Larry, Bob, Junior, Mr. Lunt, and Jimmy Gourd. They had a guy as the producer, and a couple of dancers. It was fun and put together well. I think it was for a younger age, but we all enjoyed it.
Afterwards we came straight home. Josh is at Ryan's and sleeping over. Matthew looked after the rabbits and I cleaned out the cats. The furnace wasn't working, so had to go down into the basement and flip the switch to get it working again.
Watched Hockey Night in Canada, the Leaf's were playing the Bruins. Unfortunately the Bruins lost 3-2. They said that the Bruins had won the last eight games.
Earlier before we left for the day, Tara looked up how to switch Netflicks to the US version, so we watched Phineoas and Ferb.