Trevor and Jeff split lunch today. They got pizza and for me, two pc chicken & taters. It was nice. brett was there, but didn't want to chip in anything.
Dave, Lynn, Keira, and Michael came over last night. Jim came over as well.
We played King of Tokyo and then Lynn, Tara, Jim and I played Stone Age, while Dave, Keira and Andrew played a game that made me think of Ticket to Ride, except it was about airlines and routes. It sounded as if it had some elements of Railroad Tycoon, as Dave won by buying shares of the other two's companies.
I won Stone Age.
It was after midnight after everyone left. Tara remembered to let the dog out (Swaboda's) before going to bed, so it was after 2 by the time we went to bed.
Frank and Margaret went to her parent's place this weekend.