Going into London this morning to the Western open house. We are going to see the science and engineering presentations. It opened at 9:00 and the first presentation at 9:30. We got there a little early. Checked out the astronomy display, which was pretty cool. The first presentation was the science. Afterwards we watched a glass works guy make some stuff. He makes all the specialty glass containers, coils and beakers for the various departments. We checked out the chemistry displays, and watched them make lots of bangs and stuff. They made some pretty loud bangs, and actually broke a garbage can that was propelled into the ceiling.
Next we went to the engineering presentation, and watched that. The one thing that I noticed, is that they like to promote getting two degrees at once, and say that they do it one year quicker than other universities.
Went back to the van and had lunch. Andrew was saying that the Smith's were there, but we never bumped into them. The Annett's where there as well, but we never saw them. It is a big place. We never saw Graham either (learned that last year he volunteered to help, but not this year).
Went back to see the displays for each of the various types of engineering that they teach there. We saw there concrete canoe and solar car, and looked at some of the robotics team's robots that were made. We checked out a couple of classroom displays and were about to leave. Tara ran into the guy who took us to the lecture hall for the engineering presentation, and for reason ended up doing some more classroom demonstrations. We went to heat transfer, and to an engines room. That was kinda cool. Then we went to a robotics room, which was really cool. I think Matthew enjoyed that the most. The one guy there spent more time talking to Matthew than Andrew. He was saying to Matthew to get an arduino set to learn some electronics. He also mentioned the Raspberry Pi.
As it turned out, the guide, Jeff had actually tried to get into RMC, and had a lot of advice for Andrew. That was really cool, and a good thing that we went back and took the extra tour.

Leaving the university, we went to Masonville, so Tara could get a baby shower present for Angela Mellis. The shower is tomorrow. While she was doing that, we went to Wendy's and ordered supper. Matthew and I took a quick trip to Scholar's Choice, but they didn't have any Arduino stuff. Went back to Wendy's and finished eating and headed back home.

We got back home about 4:40 to 4:45. They are to be at the arena for 5:00pm. They are to help the skating club. The skating club was doing the catering, but since it was a competition day, and first day of March Break, they were short of help. Donna had asked Jim if the youth group would like to help. Andrew and Josh were doing dishes. Matthew and I played a game of battleship. Afterwards we watched some Netflix, and then the end of the hockey game.