Van was low on gas, so I got $10 of gas this morning. (7.698L @ $1.299/L)

Working only 37 hours this week, so was done at noon today. Jeff put up a calendar, so we could mark our holidays down. As it turns out, Donna has both the weeks this summer that we wanted off. Pretty disappointed. Will try to reschedule Tara's holidays. Tara was not impressed!

Went to the bank, and got $159US for $156.69 (1.044600), then to the grocery store in town. ($57.05)

Went into Petrolia to pick up Andrew, and realized that I didn't have the passports, so I had to go back to Alvinston. I was most of the way to Forest line by the time I realized that.

Dropped the groceries off at home that I got in Watford, so I don't need to leave them in Tara's car in Petrolia now.

Got another $10 of gas before heading out of town. (7.698L @ $1.299/L) Both times, the empty light never went off!

Went to Lambtonian Senior Apartments, where Tara was cleaning, and got the sales flyers. Met a nice lady who Tara asked her to let me know that Tara wanted to talk to me. She let me go through her apartment instead of walking around. Talked to Tara and got the flyers from her car, and went to the High School to pick Andrew up.

Picked up Andrew just after 2:30, was hoping to pick him up sooner, but that didn't happen, and we headed into Sarnia. We passes some busses, and saw Travis McMurphy dropped off before we got to Plank Road. I didn't realize that he lived on the other side of Petrolia. He played on Andrew's ball team last year, and if he plays this year, he'll be on Andrew's team again. That is a far drive for home games! Andrew also saw Ryan's bus.

We got to Sarnia, and went to D&B's model store on Ontario St., in Sarnia. He had a nice collection of planes from the ceiling, and quite a selection of ship models. Looked like ship and air planes is his thing. Not as many tanks. We browsed the store and got two cans of spray paint. One clear coat to spray the model so Andrew can apply decals, then a matte (dull) coat. I guess you need the clear coat to allow the decals to adhere properly, and the dull coat to make it look not more natural.

Stopped at McDonalds to get a junior chicken, as I hadn't had lunch yet. Stopped at the one on Christina Street on the way to the bridge. Got on the 402 and headed over the border. Stopped at Speedway, and got gas right away. Fortunately we made it over without running out of gas, whew! There was not a lot of cars at the customs. They had most of the lanes open, and only 1 or 2 cars at each.

24.332 gallons at $3.639/gallon for $88.54 ($92.49) Odometer was at 208 660kms

One gallon is 3.78541L = 24.332 x 3.78541 = 92.10659612 L

Total of 92.106 + 7.698 + 7.698 = 107.502L

Previous fueling, I was at 207 803kms

208 660km - 207 803km = 857kms

857kms/107.502L = 7.971944 or 12.543L/100kms

After we got our gas, we headed to Kroger and got some milk. After Kroger, we went to the Hobby Lobby, and got the MkII tank I've been looking at the last couple of times we've been there. It was $14.99.

We got back over to Canada. The bridge going over to the US was backed up past midway. Quite a difference to when we went over. I had never thought of it being March Break!

We stopped at No Frills. When we were looking for a parking spot, I noticed that Brian just got into his van. Went to pull up beside him, but someone pulled into it just as we got there. By the time we parked a few spots down, and got out, Brian had left. He was there getting the $2 6 packs of coke. Andrew wouldn't let me get one while we were there. ($58.54)

Andrew and went to Swiss Chalet for supper. It was quit good, and busy. It was about 6pm when we left to go to Walmart. Took us forever at Walmart becuase we seemed to have trouble finding stuff ($49.73)

Got back to Alvinston at 8:30. It was too late to go to the library for the Fantasy/SF book club.

Josh was at Tanners, and Matthew had been at Ben's. Matthew got home perhaps 1/2 hour before we did, and hadn't had anything for supper. The furnace was also off, and had to go to the basement twice to flip the switch, to get it to work! Tara got home around 9, and made some kraft dinner for Matthew. I had been getting the groceries out of the van and putting them away, and trying to get the furnace to work. Poor little Matthew, I don't think he was enjoying the evening too much.

Went over to get Josh at Tanner's later, and ended up with Josh sleeping over at Tanner's.