for a week's worth of fruit 'n vege. That is all I will be consuming next week for my nutritious fruit 'n vege fast. The program I chose is in a book which is very well written, very user friendly and down to earth and full of all sorts of info and with great recipes and shopping lists and chapters of pep talks for the first 10 days.

I am going with the basic recipe for the first week. They using juicing machines, lose a lot of the pulp, I am using my NutriBullet which chops/blends it all up for drinking. The author did say he has used one and likes it. I will be drinking 48 - 64 oz of juice per day made from: celery, tomato, brocolli, carrot, pumpkin, apples, blueberry, strawberry, orange, lemon, banana, and a dab of V8 juice.

The first few days to a week are supposed to be pretty rough as your body rids itself of toxins. I will be hungry, got some decaf green tea to combat that. I have nothing on my calendar next week so I can lay low. Will arm my Nook with loads of books and do a lot of sleeping and napping in bed and sitting on the patio.

Remind me not to go to Trader Joes on a Friday. It was nuts! It was nuts one Monday I went also, seems Wed. & Thurs. are the best days to go there. I was going to browse the shelves for Vegan/Vegetarian alternatives but it was too crazy. People were dumping their carts right at the exit. Until nobody could get past. So I put my bags down and gathered up a dozen or so carts in 3 batches and moved them 10' to where new shoppers can get them. How lazy is THAT, people can't walk 10' to leave the cart they used for another customer?

We have a brand new Whole Foods grocery store open soon. There was an old dark, dreary one there before, they have upgraded most of that shopping center. I can check out their Vegan/Vegetarian options too, though they will be a LOT more expensive than Traders Joes. I will buy all I can at TJs but go to WF for some items I can't get at TJs. Not sure if I will go vegan or vegetarian. If I can get dairy/eggs from free range farm I will consider it. I don't want to eat a lot of soy. Lots of research and tasting to do.

Those shelves I was thinking about for my cupboards to make the limited space more readily accessible? They are $50 each, I'd need 12, that's $600. Not right now... But I will keep it in mind.

I did get a call from AZ MedicAid on Tuesday. He told me I would have a hearing with a judge with 48 hours. Those 48 hours have gone by. I won't be in the mood for a call like that next week, but I will have to do it if they ever call.

The bride from the Valentines Day wedding moved to March 27th who said she would pay her deposit this week, has not. She can't be too confident that her wedding will go ahead on that day I guess. She is certainly the most unenthusiastic bride I have come across so far. I was unloading my groceries when a lady walking by asked me what the sign is on the side of my car. I told her I marry people. She said her granddaughter is getting married nearby in October, she took a card.

Some good college basketball this weekend, finals of local tournaments. March Madness starts next week, another good thing to do when I am feeling crappy next week.