but she's calling the shots?

Why is he getting so excited about the one car garage when my car is going to be in it?
Why does he care so much about 2 sinks in the master bath when there is another bathroom downstairs (in the basement, master bedroom is on the 2nd floor) he can use?
Why have an office when it can be my closet?
She said.

My how times have changed! While I don't agree with the opression of women that happened for far too long, that has gone too far the other direction. I'm glad he chose the house that suited him best in the end. She's probably not even helping to pay the mortgage as she needs her money for shoes and clothes and bags.

You see it a lot on 'House Hunters', the female only caring about what she wants which of course includes granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances in their first home. One gal said to her husband to be 'You want me to be happy don't you?' That guy is never going to 'win'.

Our culture is one of 'scarcity', we keep wanting more and more and more material possessions to 'fill the hole' when we actually need to fill up from the inside out and then material possessions won't matter so much.

The gardeners are out in force with the leaf blowers today, but we don't have leaves! That noise totally puts me on edge, even more than trash trucks. It is exacerbated as I have one of my head pain episodes, didn't get food in fast enough yesterday, it can stick around for days... UGH. They are also spraying weed killer, tis an awful green color on the rocks/sandy soil. The weeds will die out once it heats up, stop poisoning the land!

Waiting for my landlady's BIL to come and supervise the a/c-furnace maintenance. I don't use it as much as she did I am sure. It is on during monsoon, when the air is more humid and it is hot, July to maybe mid September. This winter it has only been on in the mornings to take the chill out.

Oh yeah, MedicAid was supposed to call Friday or Monday, they didn't. I'll give them one more day, then call them again. You really DO have to take your health care in to your own hands!

Ah, just had a call with my landlady. She expected her BIL, Charlie to be here already. She is really pushing for me to buy this place. In our 2 conversations we have found that we are so similar, had major life events that shifted our perspectives on life, and she is now asking for the Universe to provide me the means to buy just as I am. We did discuss the patio extension. The permit she had has run out, it took a lot of effort for her to get that and she doesn't have the time and energy to do that now, but it is in the back of her mind. I asked if we could at least get the back gate to open outwards, instead of inwards, which would make egress better in an emergency evacuation, but it would make the teeny back patio feel more spacious. I can put a chair out there when Denise & Robert are here. I AM so grateful to have this place, she is fine with me renting for a while longer until I can buy, she is willing to work with me. So refreshing! And Charlie is going to work out a permanent solution for the shower curtain in the guest bathroom, glue holders for the rod in place, the kind that hold up the rod in a closet, so the rod can be lifted out if needed. Great idea!