I DO love to dance! Been listening to Pharrell's 'Happy' and groovin' along (thanks Fran!). I am a good dancer, got told I was a natural in Latin dancing when I was taking lessons. I don't know the latest moves but I can dance up a storm to any music.

A couple of decades ago I went to the oldest pub in Australia, down at The Rocks with a gal pal, Lyn. There was an old time band. I got cheery enough to not care what anybody thought and got up and was dancing with a chair. Not ON a chair, WITH a chair. Leaning, twirling, whatever. When the music ended I got an ovation.

I remember an old joke, 'Why were so many black men killed in the Vietnam war? When they were told to 'get down' they all stood up and boogied!' Still makes me laugh.

When the black kids were in the quad with their boom boxes at the last high school I attended in the US before moving to Australia, I would get in amongst and get down with them. Nobody told me to leave!

So I know I gotta move, I am allergic to the E word (exercise), the only body movement I like is swimming. I can't fit in my bathing suit right now and I won't buy a new one, so that will happen soon. In the meantime I should bloody well dance!

Tell me songs that you like that when you hear them you can't stay still. I can make a compilation of vids on youtube through my Tivo viewed on my TV and I can watch and dance my big heart out!