Nick gave me this review:
Summer's condo was in a great location overlooking the mountains for great sunrises and sunsets. Very quiet location, The bathroom and bedroom were spacious, clean, and felt for the price this was a great bargain. I did spend some time out in her living room and she was very pleasant to talk to and we had a couple of laughs...If you love cats and want to stay in a great quiet location with great views of the mountains for a great price, I would highly recommend staying at Summer's condo.

The 2nd stupid shower curtain rod kept falling down, how embarrassing. Nick and I tried to get it to stick. We both said 'Super glue!' at the same time and laughed. I am trying to find a ceiling mounted curtain rod. A normal fixed rod would have to be screwed in to tiles and Charlie is not willing to chance drilling in to tile, I don't blame him.

The bulk mailing realtor has short changed me twice! This time it was 2 hrs. 45 mins. @ $12 an hour, it should be $33, she gave me a check for $30. The last time it should have been $52, she gave me $51. Maybe she only pays on the half hour and rounds it down. Should I say something?

One of the nights Nick was here there was a thunderstorm at sunset. It made for some great lighting on the mountains and palo verdes (trees).

Even had a rainbow.

Looks like some giant spotlight on the mountains.

I got another letter from the MedicAid people, they gave me a number to call and discuss my protest at being rejected. We may be able to resolve it in that call. Why couldn't they just call me instead of sending a letter? Weird...