One of today's subjects is 'Tapping for World Change – Dramatic Results That Will Inspire and Move You'. Dr. Lori Leyden met Jessica, Nick and Alex Ortner, siblings that started the Tapping World Summit/The Tapping Solution, about 6 years ago. Lori learned EFT in the early 90s and decided to go to Rwanda to work with orphans of the genocide. Teens were rearing younger children. You can kind of imagine the trauma they have experienced.

She, and others that she trained, got these orphans to release their brain trauma using EFT. The orphans were able to continue their own healing with EFT.

The Ortner Family lives in New Town, Connecticut where the 20 6 years old and 6 of their teachers and other school faculty were murdered. Jessica asked Nick what can they do? He contacted Lori who happened to be available, she moved in to Alex's basement. The first people that she helped were the medical examiners. Some of them were reliving past traumas working on the children, Lori and other EFT volunteers were able release their brain trauma so they were able to effectively do their jobs.

A friend of the mother of one of the victims, Jesse Lewis, knew EFT through the Tapping World Summit. She asked Lori to help Jesse's mother, Scarlett. She did and she met Jesse's 12 year old brother, J.T. He didn't want to know EFT. So she got some of the teenagers in Rwanda on Skype with J.T. and they did EFT with J.T. After working with them he wanted to do something to help them! He, a 12 year old boy, raised enough money to put one of those teenagers through college.

Lori and the Ortners still work with the foundation Scarlett founded:

Talk about Healing the World! Love HAS to win...