of Nick. He decided to stay on another night to drive the 2.33 hours to Chiricahau National Monument in SE Arizona today. It does look great! I put it on my list of things to do. He left around 8am, will be home dead tired after hiking and driving I'd imagine. Hopefully he will go to bed early.

We did have some fun last evening though. He got in later than me, about 1.5 hours, so I could relax a bit after work. He went to the Desert Museum and the two Saguaro National Parks, east and west, he prefers east. He is seriously thinking about moving here to Tucson.

He is traveling more with his job, is an expert on acupuncture for pregnant women and runs workshops on it. I thought he was attending, he was running the one on Saturday. He's got lots of good connections here. So I might see him again, he asked a ton of questions, I was Googling stuff for him.

We were watching a 'home on the beach' search show last night and making silly comments and laughing alot. I was glad when he went to bed and I could watch a couple of my shows though, 'Say Yes to the Dress' and a new one 'Something borrowed, something new', where a bride chooses between a new dress or one fashioned from, in this case, her mother's wedding dress which she would never wear in it's current state. Very clever they way they took the pleats of the dress and made little fan thingies all bunched together on the bottom of the dress.

I have seriously relaxed today, finished a book and listened to more of the Tapping World Summit. There was an 89 year old woman talking about ageing, she just doesn't think about getting old, just does want she wants to do, with a few physical limitations, quite inspiring for oldies.

Nothing to do this week, tis warming up again, lows 80s by the end of the week, LOVE IT!!!!

Rob is still in the hospital, his pain has returned so they have to do the procedure to break up the kidney stone, he is not a happy man right now... Poor guy! He's gotta be as well as he can be for their vacation in 2 months here.