Nick got home right when I did. I nuked a frozen dinner as I was hungry then sat and watched some TV. He right there with me and he made comments through out the programs, most of which I didn't hear over the TV. I wanted to listen/record Tapping World Summit but that wasn't to be.

After the 2nd show he said how about we do the acupuncture now. He settled me on the chaise, had me take shoes 'n socks off. My complaints were sore left shoulder and my good ole sciatica symptoms of numb right foot and left upper outer thigh. I ended up with 10 needles in my left hand, 2 in my right arm, 3 in my left foot. It is usually relaxing for me, puts me to sleep, but he yakked through the whole thing, so no chance of that. He told me how that I am so personable that I should be the face of real estate, get my license and make a deal with another realtor that they do the negotiations and closing and I do the showing and relationship building.

He decided to cook his dinner then, had a steak, fresh asparagus and sweet potato. He boiled the sweet potato and put the other in the infrared red glass oven he brought in from his car. He had put some spices on the steak and insisted that I have a lil hunk and a couple of spears of aspargus. Sweet of him! During the meal he told me what color I should paint my living room and how I should have some native art.

He was flinging questions at me and I was Googling them, how far is it to Chiricahua National Monument, what is the weather there, how far to the Desert Museum, what is the weather there, etc. He finall got to snoring on the sofa, I woke him up and he went to bed. Then I listened/recorded a session of the Tapping World Summit at 10:30pm. He is off to the Desert Museum today, well I think so, he kept changing his mind. He was talking that we should make a deal so he can stay a couple more days. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

When I get home I will listen to 2 sessions of TWS before 6pm when they go away and more come in, then watch the basketball. I kinda hope he isn't around when I get home. Nice enough but a yak factory. I'm looking forward to my 5 days of peace... ;-)