FINALLY! My guest said it was our first rainfall in 70 days. You can smell the creosote. A good steady downpour for a while. Spring is 1.5 months early, cacti are a bloomin'.

Nick, my latest airbnb guest arrived about 8pm last night, he had brought groceries as I said he could have kitchen privileges. He poured himself some wine and lay down on the sofa. We had a good chat, I wanted to get back to my 'Tapping World Summit' recordings listened to a great one on Energy Medicine. Nick finally went to bed at 9pm. His conference is today 9-4 10 mins. from my place. He will give me the acupuncture treatment this evening.

The gal, Donna Eden, who spoke about energy medicine is around 60, she had a few health issues, including MS and tuberculosis, docs said she wasn't gonna live very long, she got in to energy medicine and healed herself, she is now an expert teaching others ways to deal with their issues energetically, the body knows how to heal itself. She spoke about a guy who lost both legs at war and the ghost pain was horrible in his non existent feet. She fashioned a stick where he could touch where his feet would be and can stop the pain. The energy still flows, it doesn't know his feet/legs are not there.

Here is her 5 min. energy routine.
Her website:
Fascinatin' stuff!

Denise's (my best friend) hubbie, Rob is in the hospital with kidney stones. He is having a rough time, is thinking about a German treatment for liver issues, would cost $250,000, then he would get a liver transplant. I'm sending him info like this and oxygen therapy, to see if he wants to read about it and try it before doing the expensive treatment that works for 90%, he might spend all that money and be in the 10%. Hard decisions to make... Poor possum!